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    Infamous second son Review

    Infamous: Second Son, developed by Sucker Punch and published by Sony, is the third outing for the Infamous franchise and the first for the new generation...

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    Dark souls 2 Review

    Serious gamers out there will be well aware that Dark souls is not for the faint hearted having reviewed it some time ago, I am still recovering from the...

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    1954 Alcatraz Review

    Alcatraz the famous island prison synonymous with some of the most notorious criminals of modern times and with its reputation for being escape proof (apart...

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    Thief review

    There has been a number of revival/reboots of classic games lately and now with the next gen consoles out I am sure we will be seeing plenty more in the future,...

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    Plants Vs Zombies garden warfare review

    Finally the plants and zombies are back on our consoles after what seems like an eternity Plants Vs Zombies returns with a complete makeover and to be honest...