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An interesting way to reverse Dementia may be available

By gerrylee  |  Posted: February 16, 2013

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To reverse dementia was the goal of 7

University researchers and it may have been accomplished. Alzheimer's

disease is a growing problem in Kent and much of the UK. Studies show

that England, Australia and Europe are experiencing rising rates of

the memory robbing illness, researchers have been searching for ways

to reverse the damage from dementia and they have come to a

surprising conclusion that a targeted diet may help.

The NHS has released some very

startling statistics in regards to Alzheimer's disease in the UK, the

illness already effects over 800,000 people in England and the

numbers will increase to over 1 million very shortly. The British

Prime minister David Cameron addressed the issue of Alzheimer's just

last month. Mr Cameron said: "One of the greatest challenges of

our time is what I'd call the quiet crisis, one that steals lives and

tears at the hearts of families, but that - relative to its impact -

is hardly acknowledged. There is a strong need for more research to

reverse dementia.

University researchers in Switzerland

report that they have worked with 6 other countries to create a diet

that can stop the illness, they state that Alzheimer's has been

proven in studies to be some what reversible even if there is no

cure. What this means is that much of the memory and personality can

still be restored. Mr. Cameron stated that "The level of diagnosis,

understanding and awareness of dementia is shockingly low. It is as

though we've been in collective denial" We must face the fact that

we have a national crisis on our hands and we must not turn a blind

eye to the problem. Researchers are making great advances in saving

the brain

The diet that was shown to reverse

much of dementia and Alzheimer's in 4 studies may be seen here



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