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There is help if you are cutting yourself

By Davidhealth  |  Posted: March 01, 2013

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There is help for cutting yourself, the numbers of people self harming has increased dramaticallyover the last 10 years. The NHS sates that as many  as 1 in 12 young people in England have intentionally hurt themselves. The most common form of self harm is to cut with a knife or a blade, many in Australia and the USA are also harming. There is help if you are cutting yourself, harming is a very complex problem but it is very important that the issue be addressed.Emotional pain

Self harm comes from an emotional pain,the act of hurting yourself is a response to something deeper. The cuts and scars are a sign of an inner overwhelming stress, when a person feels there is no escape they may harm themselves. The emotional stressed person looks for a way out, the escape is to cut, the cutters turns on themselves. Each scar signifies a stress event, it is a sign of a period in time when there is no escape, it is also a sign of hopelessness.The scars may heal but the inner pain remains but researchers show there is help for cutting yourself and it is found inside. Stress, pain, and a bladeThose who are hurting emotionally experience stress in the body and mind. This stress can come from parents,family, school or a relationship. As the problems or emotions build up if  there is no outlet a person may turn on themselves. There is always an inner emotional dissatisfaction that causes self harm. THe good new is that researchers do say anti depressant medications can help this problem. There is also a drug free appracoh that is stopping self harm. A young health researcher's inside out technique has been used by teens and adults to stop harming. This technique was shown in the The Red Report: Cure for self harm, the cutter heals on their own in private. In addition, many do not want to tell a doctor that they are self harming. See here Cutting yourself help

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  • depression99  |  September 03 2013, 2:10AM

    I have updated a list for 2013 of Self-Injury Forums, Chatrooms and Hotlines to call if you feel you are in need of assistance. Be in the know!!! Michael Silver Cutting Depression http://tinyurl.com/p6braoh

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