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    Han_tl_B  |  Thursday, February 07 2013, 3:18PM  |  Report
    Experience the HQ style.

    The owner, Simon had been my mum's hairdresser since she found out about the Lunatic Fringe in Canterbury (thanks to me, your welcome mum. x) and then when she found out he was leaving to start his own business in Whitstable, there was no way we could stay at the Lunatic fringe, Simon had been her hairdresser from the start and she wasn't going to find a new one, he knows how she likes her cut and she likes how he cuts it. Every time she comes back from Headquarters, she has a new hairstyle better each time, even though its always the same length. He's cut my hair a few times and there's never a time when he's not talking to you or being the funny, run-around hairdresser he was meant to be. He's a great guy and I recommend him to everyone, even if he isn't the one to cut your hair, it's a great salon anyway :) GO PEOPLE!