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A guide to running a commercial washing machine

By AdFeatures  |  Posted: October 30, 2012

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Commercial washing machines are capable of holding between 6 kg and 32 kg of laundry, which is perfect for any business that needs to do large bulk washes. If you're looking for a commercial washing machine, the following are some of the things you may want to consider.

Spin cycles

Most household washing machines have a spin cycle of 1000 rpm, however commercial machines tend to have a typical rpm of 1600, which encourages the clothing, bedding etc that is being cleaned to dry at a quicker rate, as the spin cycle has drained more water. Washing machines with a higher spin rate are perfect for not only large loads in terms of how many items are in the wash, but also items that are heavy on their own, such as quilts, blankets, towels, robes etc. Items like this tend to be incredibly heavy, especially when wet, so being better drained helps the user to manage them.

The reduced drying time also encourages a reduced time for products in a tumble drier, which again reduces the amount of wear to the material, prolonging their life span.

Energy efficiency

it’s easy to think that the heavier loads will mean that commercial machines will use more energy than typical household ones; however this isn’t necessarily the case. Most commercial washing machines are designed to be as efficient as possible, and the most energy conscious ones can save up to 20% energy on normal machines, as long as the load is full - rather than a half-load or less.

Temperature control

For most businesses, but most essentially hospitals, schools and care homes, sanitisation is the most important part of washing clothing and other materials, therefore high temperature are typically advised, with a recommended temperature of 95 degrees.

As sanitation is not always the most important factor, many machines will come with various settings that allow the user to adjust the temperature to suit the load.

Delayed start

A lot of washers these days also include a “Delay Start” feature, which allows you to decide when the machine starts to wash. This is ideal for when a load needs to be prepared the night before, but cannot be dealt with until the next day, fitting in with the lifestyle of whoever uses it.

Extra features

Other features that many machines will have, and you may find useful are:

Large doors - allowing easier loading and unloading. This is particularly helpful for bulky items, such as bedding and curtains

Programmes to suit different types of material - such as delicates and heavier textiles. Where to buy

Commercial washing machine specialists Allsop and Francis have over 20 years' experience in the supply of equipment to a range of establishments, including care homes, prisons, hotels, schools, vets, hospitals and gyms.

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