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West Kent GCSEs - full results

By This is Kent  |  Posted: August 21, 2008

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Below is a full run-through of GCSE results affecting West


For full stories and pictures see tomorrow's Kent and Sussex

Courier and Thursday's Chronicle.

Updated 2.28pm

Walthamstow Hall

The long wait for GCSE results ended with shrieks of delight

for Walthamstow Hall pupils following a 100 per cent pass


All of the girls achieved five or more A* - C grades in

subjects which included maths and English.

Sixty-six per cent of grades were achieved at A* and A

grades and 25 per cent of the pupils gained straight A* and A


Headteacher Jill Milner was thrilled.

"I congratulate all the girls on achieving excellence across

so many subjects," she said.

"They have been extremely well taught and worked very


The Bradbourne School

Staff and pupils at the Bradbourne School, Sevenoaks, are

"over the moon" with their GCSE results after smashing last

year's record.

Sixty-one per cent of the girls achieved five A* to C grades

- up from 43 per cent last year.

Forty-six per cent of pupils gained five or more A* - C

grades in subjects that included maths and English compared to

36 per cent last year.

Deputy headteacher Paul Derrick said: "Again we have really

exceeded all expectations.

"It's hard to express how you feel when you put so many

things in to place and then it bears the fruit of the hard work

of the staff and students."

But the day did not quite go according to plan after exam

board Edexcel blundered for the second year running and left

pupils waiting for their English results until the


Oxted School

Oxted School is celebrating one of its most successful years


Of the 328 Year 11 pupils who sat the GCSE exams, more than

71 per cent gained five or more A* to C grades, four per cent

more than last year.

The number of pupils gaining five or more A* to C grades

including maths and English increased by three per cent on last

year's figure to 60 per cent.

Seventeen pupils achieved 10 or more A* and A grades.

Thomas Whitehead, who achieved 10 A* grades, Georgina Peake,

Emily Martin and Charlotte Hickson, who each achieved nine A*

grades, were all singled out for special praise.

Headteacher Guy Nelson said: "The students deserve to be

both congratulated and publicly recognised for all their

outstanding achievements this summer.

"This is a reflection of their hard work and the support

they have received from the staff here at Oxted School and

their parents."

Sackville School

More than two-thirds of students at Sackville School in East

Grinstead achieved A*-C in at least five subjects.

Almost 99 per cent of those who sat GCSEs at the school in

Lewes Road achieved a pass grade.

Pupils scoring outstanding results included Roz Beckett who

gained 12 A*s and Simon Game who achieved 10 A*s and 2A.

Headteacher Maggie Robson said she was "immensely proud" of

the students' achievements.

"They and the staff have worked incredibly hard and are to

be congratulated on their success" she added.

Combe Bank School

Combe Bank School in Sundridge is celebrating its GCSE

success with the percentage of A* grades more than doubled from

last year.

The school had a 98 per cent pass rate in A* to C grades

with 23 of the 24 pupils gaining these in five subjects,

including maths and English.

More than two thirds of the results were Grade B and


Twin sisters, Georgina and Rebecca Chard, achieved clean

sweeps of 10 A and A* grades.

Headteacher Rosemary Martin said she was "thrilled" with the


"They have worked hard and they deserve the success," she


"They are delightful students and they have done

exceptionally well."

The Wildernesse School

The Wildernesse School in Sevenoaks is celebrating its best

ever GCSE performance with 46 per cent of its pupils achieving

five or more A* - C grades.

This is up from last year's result of 30.5 per cent.

Thirty-two per cent of the boys gained five or more A* - C

grades in subjects that included maths and English.

This exceeds the Government National Challenge benchmark of

30 per cent.

Headteacher John Daly said: "These results represent a

tremendous effort on the part of the staff and pupils at The

Wildernesse School.

"I am especially pleased that we have continued the

improvement in our overall performance and crucially the

'including maths and English' standard where we have seen an

improvement of more than 100 per cent."

Mascalls School

A Paddock Wood school has achieved its best results


Pupils at Mascalls School on Maidstone Road celebrated as 77

per cent of them gained five A* to C grades.

There was also a 10 per cent increase in the number of

pupils passing mathematics, something the headteacher puts down

to hard work by staff and students.

Vanessa Everett said: "We are absolutely delighted, they are

once again the best ever so we have lots of very happy students


"The kids have been working hard, the teachers have been

working very hard."

Sevenoaks School

Sevenoaks School's headteacher has paid tribute to her GCSE

students after they achieved some "wonderful" results.

Fifteen of the 152 candidates achieved 10 or 11 A* grades

each, with 85 per cent of the total results graded A* or A.

Headteacher Katy Ricks said: "I am very proud of our

students' wonderful achievement, especially, as for the first

time, every Year 11 student took the more challenging IGCSE

examinations in physics, chemistry, biology and


"Congratulations to them and their teachers on all their

hard work. We know it will stand them in very good stead."

Weald of Kent Grammar School

Weald of Kent Grammar School is celebrating for a second

week in succession today after 98 per cent of Year 11 students

achieved five GCSEs at grades A* - C.

While 23 of the 151 candidates gained nothing lower than an

A, 96 per cent students were awarded at least one A* or A.

Headteacher Maureen Johnson said: "There is no quick fix to

achieving such outstanding results. It is about hard work on

the part of the students combined with the support of excellent

and enthusiastic teaching."

Tonbridge Grammar School

Another set of outstanding GCSE results at Tonbridge Grammar

School saw a pass rate of 100 per cent of pupils gaining at

least five A* - C grades.

With 81 per cent of the students achieving five or more A* -

A grades, 98.7 per cent were awarded at least two A*-C grades

in science.

Sixty-six of the Year 11 pupils also took and passed

AS-levels in addition to their GCSEs.

Headteacher Rosemary Joyce said: "These results are a

testimony to the creativity of both the students and their

dedicated teachers and support staff."

Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School

Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School have recorded their

best ever GCSE results, with a 100 per cent passing at least

five exams at grade A* to C.

The St John's Road school also boasts almost 75 per cent of

entries gaining an A* or A grade.

This, according to headteacher Linda Wybar, reflects the

enthusiasm and hard work put in by the pupils and staff.

She said: "These are the school's best ever results,

reflecting the outstanding achievements of both girls and their

teachers. I am incredibly proud of them and their


Individual outstanding performances included Rebecca

Stephens who amazingly achieved 12 A* grades.

The Hayesbrook School

The Hayesbrook School achieved success in a variety of GCSE

and vocational courses this year, with one group even sitting

their exams two years early.

Co-heads of the Brook Street Nigel Blackburn and Debbie

Coslett were delighted with the work the boys had put in to

achieve the results.

"I think it's a tribute to staff and students and also

parents," Mr Blackburn said, "and a majority of boys have got

what they deserve."

Mrs Coslett added: "They took advantage of the opportunities

provided, they have excellent teaching but there were lots of

extra-curricular things for them to get involved with."

As well as all the Year 11 pupils picking up their results,

a group of Year 9 geography students also took their GCSE

exams, with nine out of 29 of them picking up A* or A


Kent College Pembury

Girls at Kent College, Pembury achieved an "extremely

pleasing" set of GCSE results, with 96 per cent passing five or

more at A* to C grade.

Headteacher Sally-Anne Huang said the result had laid an

excellent foundation for A-levels.

She said: "Once again Kent College girls have made us very

proud. I am particularly pleased to see the school performing

so well in traditional often male-dominated areas such as

Physics. We have just opened a new science building and are

launching a science bursary for our sixth form so these

excellent results seem particularly fitting."

Hillview School for Girls

Pupils at Hillview School for Girls reached "a new high"

this year with 78 per cent gaining five or more A*-C grades at


The results were the best ever for the non-selective school

in Brionne Gardens.

Headteacher Stehen Bovey said the school had seen a steady

improvement in their results in recent years through to his

year's "new high".

He said: "I am delighted for the girls, they have done

wonderfully well they certainly worked very hard and deserve

their success."

St Gregory's Catholic Comprehensive


Students and staff at St Gregory's Catholic Comprehensive

School are celebrating an improved set of GCSE results, a

reflection of the "hard work and commitment" of students.

Of the 152 students at the Reynolds Lane school, 72 per cent

gained at least five A* to C passes, up on last years 70 per


There were a number of "outstanding" individual

performances, with five pupils getting at least eight A* or A


This includes Hannah Clarke who achieved 10 A* and one A


Headteacher Rosemary Olivier said: "These results are a

testament to the committed and dedicated teaching, the

students' engagement in their own learning and parental


Tonbridge School

Staff at Tonbridge School declared they were "delighted"

after achieving their best ever GCSE results.

The percentage of entries awarded A* to C grades was 99.7

per cent with 58 of those achieving an A*.

This was the first year that pupils at the boarding school

sat international GCSEs in maths, English literature and

science subjects.

Sixteen pupils now hold 10 or more GCSEs at grade A*.

Director of studies John Pearson said: "These successes are

a testament to the hard work of the pupils and the dedication

of the staff."

Wrotham School

Headteacher of Wrotham School David Day was delighted with

an improvement in pupils gaining five GCSE passes with grades

A* to C in core subjects including maths and English, from 37

per cent last year to this year's 39 per cent.

This was despite an overall fall in pupils gaining A* to C

grades in all subjects from 74 per cent last year to 60 per

cent this year.

Mr Day explained the reason for this was because the school

had shifted its attention to the core subjects.

He said: "Our priority is the performance of pupils in core

subjects, English, maths and science. If we get that right we

enhance the employment prospects and university prospects of


Mr Day said: "Ultimately good results come down to the hard

work of students and the quality of teaching. Nothing else is

as important."

Skinners' School

Pupils and staff at Skinners' School have "surpassed

themselves" in this year's GCSEs.

The total of A* and A grades awarded to students, at the St

John's Road school, was up five per cent on last year to 67 per


Head Simon Everson said: "Pupils and staff have surpassed

themselves. The boys have a great deal to be proud of in these

results. They have built a very strong foundation for

progression to their sixth form studies."

Charles Darwin School

Pupils at Charles Darwin School have been commended for

achieving some of the best GCSE results it has ever had.

Headteacher of the Biggin Hill school, Rob Higgins, said he

was "very pleased" with the grades which showed 61 per cent of

students achieving five A* to C passes, a four per cent

improvement on 2007.

In addition, 46 per cent managed passes in maths and

English, up from 37 per cent last year.

Mr Higgins said: "This has been a significant step forward

for the school."

Beechwood Sacred Heart School

Girls from Beechwood Sacred Heart continued the school's

rise in pinnacle grades, with 38 per cent of passes at A* or A


The number of pupils at the Pembury Road school who gained

five or more A* to C passes was also up on last year at 96 per

cent, from 94 per cent.

Head Nicholas Beesley was proud of the pupils'


He said: "As always the bare statistics do not tell the

whole story about a great number of excellent individual

successes. All of our pupils can be proud of their

achievements. I am particularly gratified that the percentage

of our entries achieving the highest grades, A* and A, is

continuing to rise year on year."

Angley School

STAFF at Angley School in Cranbrook congratulated their

students on a successful year as they received their GCSE

results today.

Five A* to C grades were achieved by 60 per cent of pupils

with 16 star students gaining a high number of pass grades

including three or more A or A*s.

The Angley Road school said their success was down to a

thorough approach to coursework, the excellent attitude of

students and the dedication of teachers and support staff.

Principal Philip Morris said: "I wish to congratulate all

students because they all performed magnificently. Their

approach to their studies in the run up to the exam period was

outstanding and they have achieved just reward for their

fantastic efforts."

Tunbridge Wells High School

Students at Tunbridge Wells High School scooped their best

ever results, with 61 per cent gaining five or more grade A* to

C, this compares with 44 per cent last year.

The results, according to head Graham Smith, reflect the

hard work put in by all students and staff at the non-selective

comprehensive school in Blackhurst Lane.

He said: "The youngsters have excelled themselves again.

These are wonderful results and they show just how hard they

have worked.

"Results in subjects like French and History are very good.

Results in vocational courses are outstanding, and our decision

to develop the school as a vocational centre of excellence is

absolutely right."

Bennett Memorial Diocesan School

This year's GCSE results were the best ever for Bennett

Memorial Diocesan School with 79 per cent getting at least five

A* to C grades, including English and maths.

This is up significantly on last years 65 per cent.

Headteacher at the all ability school, on Culverden Down,

Ian Bauckham said: "This is an outstanding set of results and

represents the culmination of five years of hard work by

students and teachers alike.

"These results prove that regardless of a student's starting

point a caring and respectful environment, opportunities to

enjoy school and grow personally, combined of course with

excellent teaching, enable high outcomes to be achieved by


Hugh Christie Technology College

Almost two-thirds of the Year 11 students at Hugh Christie

Technology College picked up the equivalent of five or more

higher grade passes yesterday.

The results for the White Cottage Road school showed 63 per

cent picked up five grades equivalent to A*-C.

Principal, Jon Barker, said: "I would like to congratulate

all the students, parents and teachers who worked hard to

achieve these results.

"Many students have worked incredibly diligently to achieve

grades well above what was expected of them and they should be

proud of their achievements."

Bethany School

PUPILS at a Goudhurst school are celebrating after they

picked up their GCSE results.

A total of 76 per cent of students at the Curtisden Green

school secured five A * to C grades, with top student Thane

Campbell from Staplehurst achieving five A*s.

Headteacher Nick Dorey said: "Although the overall pass rate

was slightly down on previous years. It was good to see Bethany

students securing record numbers of A and A* grades, well above

the national averages."

The Judd School

Tonbridge's The Judd School broke all its previous GCSE

results records, with an astonishing 42 per cent of all entries

being graded at the highest A* grade.

There were also seven students who received the top grade in

all 10 of their subjects, while a further 41 got all A or


Headmaster Robert Masters, paid tribute to the hard work of

staff and students alike.

"They are a remarkable group of students, so capable

academically, but also hugely committed to sport, music and

service – a delight to work with," he said of the Brook Street

school's departing Year 11s."

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys was once again

celebrating an improved set of GCSE results.

In total, 97.1 per cent of boys gained five or more A* to C

grades, up from 96 per cent last year, and there were several

individual successes.

Louis Peacock-Young passed all of his exams with A* grades,

with Chris Hulm achieving 10 A* passes.

Headteacher John Harrison was understandably delighted.

He said: "I am so pleased to see the boys achieve so well.

The increase in results this year is very satisfying and well

deserved result of the work put in by students and staff


Cranbrook School

The long wait was over for students at Cranbrook School as

they opened their GCSE results.

Staff and pupils at the Waterloo Road school celebrated as

they achieved 100 per cent five A* to C grades, while 99.3 per

cent of students were awarded nine A* to Cs.

Fourteen pupils gained all A and A* grades.

Headteacher Angela Daly said: "I am delighted with the

excellent results that this year's cohort has achieved. They

represent a great deal of hard work by both students and staff

and have provided a very sound basis for their future A Level


Sackville School

Students at an independent Hildenborough school have

achieved 100 per cent pass rates in eight subjects in their

GCSE results.

The results for Sackville School, in Tonbridge Road, showed

overall 80 per cent of entries were scored at the higher A*-C


Headteacher Michèle Sinclair said the results showed how

hard the students had worked as well as her teachers'

commitment to success.

"We are absolutely delighted with our GCSE results again,"

she said, "and very proud of our students' achievements this


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