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Suspended UKIP candidate Geoffrey Clark to run as independent after Down's abortion comments

By This is Kent  |  Posted: December 19, 2012

Comments (0) A UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate dropped by the party after suggesting the abortion of foetuses with Down's syndrome should be compulsory is to stand in tomorrow’s Kent by-election as an independent.Geoffrey Clark, who is running on Thursday for the Gravesham Rural seat on Kent County Council (KCC) and the Meopham North seat on Gravesham Borough Council (GBC), recommended as an “item for review” in his manifesto “compulsory abortion when the foetus is detected as having Downs, Spina Bifida or similar syndrome which, if it is born, could render the child a burden on the state as well as on the family.”Mr Clark, who later apologised for his remarks during an interview with This is Kent, was yesterday suspended by UKIP.On its Twitter page @UKIP the party wrote: “We can confirm that Mr Clark has been formally suspended as a UKIP candidate and will not be standing for the party again.”Today, a spokesperson for KCC told This is Kent Mr Clark will be running tomorrow as an independent candidate.However, Gravesham Borough Council clarified Mr Clark will still appear on the ballot paper as a UKIP candidate, as the papers have already been printed. A spokesperson said: "Tomorrow's by-elections for Gravesham Rural division of Kent County Council and Meopham North ward of Gravesham Borough Council will go ahead. "All nominations are valid and were received on time. The legal deadline for changes to the ballot has passed and the election must proceed."In an interview with This is Kent yesterday, Mr Clark said: “I would like to apologise to anyone who has taken offence - none of it was intended.“UKIP’s policy is to reduce public expenditure. I am a layman; I do not know what should be cut. I wrote my website very, very quickly, it was so naive and foolish.”Mr Clark, who appears to have taken down his website, added: “Some have been offended and I sincerely regret my choice of language. It was inappropriate language to express something that is genuinely sincere – we need to review all expenditure.”His remarks were yesterday slammed by learning disability charity Mencap, which said it is “disgusted and horrified” by his manifesto.

UKIP candidate Geoffrey Clark apologises for Down's abortion comments

'It echoes the Nazi years': Geoffrey Clark's compulsory abortion manifesto

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  • Alexander1964  |  December 22 2012, 5:54PM

    CasandraR, The link below will bring you to the public comments section on the DDC webpage for the previous CGI planning application in Dover, but CGI have presented an almost identical revised application. It is not at all clear on the DDC webpage if any comments on the revised CGI application must be made on the previous planning application page, or on a separate one. Fact is, DDC have no new comments page running for the latest revised CGI planning application. And yet, there are only 20 days left to make new comments. It appears the Public is not being properly informed of our rights to make comments on the latest (revised) planning application put forward by CGI. So the link to the previous planning application is as follows: http://tinyurl.com/ch8ncp2 If you copy and paste that link to your browser, it will bring you to that page on the DDC website. You could try making an online comment on the comments section, and see if it will be registered. But this is the PREVIOUS CGI application, and so the comments may possibly not be valid for their revised planning application presented in December 2012. I am at a loss on how to register a comment on the revised CGI planning application. This is all secretive and seems to prevent the Public from making any comments on it or any representations!!! Is this Democracy? Is this transparency?

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  • CasandraR  |  December 22 2012, 3:46PM

    Alexander 1964 Just to let you know I have signed the petition on line at Dover also sent emails to over 50 people asking them for help, giving them the email address for the council, how to sign on line and the telephone number also. Good luck

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  • CasandraR  |  December 22 2012, 2:26PM

    Alexander 1964 Was not aware ChinaGateway were tryng to get their claws into Dover. After fighting for over 6 years on this subject and Manston Airport we will do anything to ty and save Dover with you. I shall keep in touch.

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  • Alexander1964  |  December 22 2012, 12:22AM

    CasandraR, From This Is Kent: "CHINA Gateway International has revealed its proposals for the controversial development of parts of the Western Heights and the Farthingloe Valley between Dover and Folkestone after months of talks with the planners. The massive development has run into stiff opposition from some sectors. The developer is seeking outline planning consent for a slightly scaled-down scheme from Dover District Council. The latest proposals call for 40 new homes at the Western Heights but more than 600 at Farthingloe. Full details are available from Dover District Council, reference: Dov/12/00440" There are 20 days from today to make objections. CasandraR, please gather as much support as you can, we need your support. Although many people here are opposing this planning project presented by China Gateway International (CGI) to Dover District Council (which has decided to add Western Heights and Farthingloe to the long list of Green Land to be handed over to the Cement Lodge ie developers who are out for a quick buck). You need to cite the correct reference at the heading of your objections sent to DDC Planning (Dov/12/00440) and indicate the name CGI (China Gateway International) planning application for Western Heights and Farthingloe. But it is better to make sure this is the correct heading, as I am informed that DDC Planning is not putting the notices up everywhere, it is secretive to keep the Public uninformed. If in doubt, please phone DDC Planning and ask them for the correct details in order to make an objection. They MUST give you this information if you request it of them. Forget the MP, he claimed in his 2010 election campaign to be against further cement-congestion in Britain and against the DDC core strategy, but then, once elected, fell asleep and did nothing. Apparently he has a new house in St Margaret's Bay, and his doggy was in the press as it won a prize at Parliament in a dog contest, and then was again in the press as it slipped over a cliff edge and had to be rescued. Ha ha. We need people from Thanet to join with us. Please bring in all the help you can! The petition was also signed by people from other parts of England, Scotland, Canada and Australia visiting Dover. We are the majority, but our petition has been shoved aside. So now with the revised CGI planning application and the renewed period for public comments/representations, we need all the support you can offer. We have 20 days to do it in, from today.

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  • CasandraR  |  December 21 2012, 8:11PM

    Alexander 1964 I sympathise we have had similar problems in Thanet, We had a dutch firm wanting to build Thanet Earth, many acres of good farm land would be concreted over, ruined for years to come. but the majority of MP's and councillors thought it would be good for Thanet, we had no say in the matter. Hundreds of job were created, but only 2% were given to Thanet people. 80% were given to the Polish immigrants and the other 8% went to people from Canterbury, Dover and Folkestone. We also have old buildings which should be saved but our council and the previous council have no respect for the wonderful heritage wich was given to Thanet. I shall support you and your quest and get all others in Thanet to do the same. Get your MP to fight for you that is what he is there for, to support the people, not do as he wants

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  • Alexander1964  |  December 21 2012, 1:38AM

    CasandraR, Dover District Council has a core strategy dating 2010 to build over 10,000 new houses in Dover with the express intention of attracting and accommodating mass migration to Dover, for example from London. Currently they have added to all the farm and woodland which they intend to cement over, also some protected areas of the White Cliffs of Dover: in fact, they want to build 700 houses on Western Heights, which is a Scheduled Ancient Monument (SAM), and at Farthingloe, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). We gathered 500 signatures in two hours in a petition this year to halt the planning application on these two protected areas of the White Cliffs, as Kent Highways gave us permission for only 2 hours and in only 2 streets to gather signatures. Masses of people stopped and signed. But DDC want to go ahead anyway with the planning application, so where does Democracy start? The authorities do not want our democratic expression. They just want to build over our farm and woodland and our protected areas to attract mass migration here. Even English Heritage and Protect Kent are challenging DDC on this issue. Most factory jobs here go to Eastern Europeans, we get mass unemployment. So who will move into these new houses if they are built? Not the unemployed British people. Therefore, we must remain united as a Nation. We must strive for a fair Government that is there for its own People. If you wish, you can send in a comment to DDC Planning to protest against the planning application on Western Heights and Farthingloe, asking them not to desecrate with houses these protected areas. And you can spread the word and get many others to do the same. The comments period for the public is still running. You can find the address to write to online on the DDC website, under DDC Planning. Anyone residing in Britain can send in representations and comments to any council during a public consultation, you do not need to be resident in Dover. The White Cliffs belong to Kent, to England, to Britain!

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  • CasandraR  |  December 20 2012, 6:00PM

    "Alexander 1964" I agree with you, but it shall not take long before we are the minority, makes you wonder why the hell we fought two world wars to make OUR country a better place for OUR children and grandchildren as we are not benefitting at all now. We were the envy of the world when we formed the NHS service, as all were made to pay into the sytem and all would benefit. What the hell was our government thinking when they allowed thousands and thousands to come into our country and not even work, speak our language or contribute towards any of their benefits. Eunoch Powell had our future mapped out to a tee, he said if we allowed all and sundry to come into our country, we would become a minority and the immigrants would be the ones to benefit, how right could one man be, They have entered our country changed our laws to suit themselves and not abided by our way of life, itis so wrong, no other country in the world would put up with the same.

  • Alexander1964  |  December 20 2012, 5:38PM

    The best idea is not to sterilise women at all, therefore.

    |   1
  • Alexander1964  |  December 20 2012, 5:30PM

    CasandraR, according to the European Roma Booklet, which is an official education policy guideline published by Bolton council under the heading: "Raising Eastern European Gypsy/Roma Achievement: A Guide for Educational Practitioners" the Slovak government had a policy of sterilising Romany Gypsy woman after the fifth child. As it was illegal in the Slovak constitution to sterilise a woman without her consent, doctors would trick a Romany woman after the fifth baby (I'm not saying it happened all the time) into signing a piece of paper which they could not read or understand, and in this way the hospital had the "consent" of the woman to be sterilised. As said, it did happen occasionally, possibly depending on which hospital or doctor. As a result, Britain declared this an act of persecution, and many Slovak Romany Gypsies consequently have settled in Dover. They all speak Slovak after 15 years, and their children born here speak Slovak. Ermmm, let's keep our own children eh? At least they speak English! Otherwise, if we started sterilising our own people, we may well become a minority in our own Country, as we already are in London, according to the 2011 census.

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  • CasandraR  |  December 20 2012, 11:35AM

    I do not support compulsory abortion but I do think the mothers should have a choice. I certainly feel all famales should be accountable for their sexual activities and if they unemployed and with no permanent partner having a baby should not be a consideration, they should be able to support the child without throwing yet more responsibilities onto the tax payers, as if they need more. Our country is too soft, if a child is conceived the mother should work to support their offspring and the government should have creche's for the baby to be placed, no way should they get full benefits, rent paid etc they should be made to take responsibility or be steriliised

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