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Glam rock pervert Gary Glitter living in Herne Bay?

By This is Kent  |  Posted: March 05, 2009


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PERVY pop paedophile Gary Glitter has reportedly set up home in Herne Bay.

The 64-year-old singer, jailed in 2005 for molesting two girls aged 10 and 11, is allegedly living in Beacon Road – less than 200 yards from Herne Bay Infant School.

Rumours the former glam rock star - famous for hits like Leader of the Gang and Hello, Hello, I'm Back Again - is holed up in the town have spread like wildfire and been fuelled by an alleged sighting of him in the Bun Penny pub.

The 70s chart topper, jailed in 1999 for downloading child porn, is also the talk of school playgrounds with one mum claiming a police source leaked news of the singer's move.

The mum-of-three, who asked not to be named, said: "My friend knows a policeman who told her Gary Glitter was living in Beacon Road.

"She's got young children and he was warning her to be careful.

"If it is true then I hope it's not long before he sees sense and moves on.

"No one wants him round here. In fact, I can't see anyone wanting him anywhere. He's scum."

Those feelings were echoed by drinkers at the Bun Penny, where Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, was allegedly seen on Sunday afternoon.

One regular, who was playing darts at the time, said: "The bloke looked like him. He had a shaved head and a grey goatee and was with a woman.

"We were taking the p*** out of him but didn't for a second think he might be the real Gary Glitter.

"If we had known at the time, he would have been straight out the door and on his backside.

"I'm surprised he wasn't lingering down at the crazy golf."

Another drinker, father-of-eight Shane Lee, said: "If I saw him now I'd chuck him off the pier.

"He's a filthy pervert and should go back to Vietnam. Wherever he is no children are safe.

"We've all done things wrong in our life but what he's done is unforgivable."

Despite the alleged sighting at the Central Parade pub, staff were adamant the mystery drinker was not Glitter.

A barman said: "He had a shaved head and a beard but was definitely not Gary Glitter.

"If the real Glitter did try and come anywhere near the pub he would quickly be told where to go."

Homeowners in Beacon Road were also disgusted to hear they may have Glitter living in their street.

One mum-of-two, who asked not to be named, said: "I haven't seen or heard anything but I definitely wouldn't want him as a neighbour.

"He's a disgusting old man and shouldn't be allowed anywhere near kids.

"Luckily mine are 16 and 18 so I doubt he'd be interested."

Another resident, Miles Morling, 31, said: "The man is absolute scum and should be put on the first plane back to Vietnam.

"The last thing I want is him knocking on my door asking to borrow a cup of sugar."

A manager at Wetherspoon's pub The Saxon Shore in Central Parade said: "I have heard the rumours that Gary Glitter is in the town but we haven't had any reported sightings of him in the pub."

Herne Bay Infant School head teacher Anne Hooker said she "could not comment on something she didn't know to be factual".

Kent Police would not comment on Glitter's whereabouts.

Have you seen Gary Glitter or do you the man enjoying a drink in the pub on Sunday afternoon?

Let us know by calling 01227 473348 or emailing joe.walker@krnmedia.co.uk.


November 1997 - Arrested after child pornography images found on his laptop by a PC World repairman.

November 1999 - Convicted of possessing child pornography and served two months of a four-month jail term.

2002 - Jailed for three nights in Cambodia on suspicion of sex offences, but not convicted of any crime. Later deported

2005 - Arrested and charged with molesting two under-aged girls, aged 10 and 11, at his home in Vietnam.

Originally faced possible child rape charges carrying the death penalty, but prosecutors could find enough evidence.

2006 - Convicted of committing obscene acts with minors and sentenced to three years' imprisonment.

Continued to deny any wrongdoing, saying he believed he was framed by British tabloid newspapers.

May 2006 - In his first interview in more than eight years to BBC News, Glitter denied any wrong-doing and claimed not to have knowingly had sex with anyone under 18.

August 2008 - Released from prison on August 19.

After 19 countries refused to admit him, he arrived back in the UK at Heathrow Airport on August 22, 2008.

Ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for life.

December 2008 – Reportedly seen getting on a bus in Margate.

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  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Andree, Bulgaria  |  July 01 2009, 11:11AM

    GG was thought to have been seen last week in a popular sea resort here in Bulgaria by a friend of mine, he was so certain he would have betted on it. GG was with 2 males, one of which was a youngish blind guy. All appeared to be drunk and were quite loud. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    TOOTRUE, herne bay  |  March 13 2009, 11:23PM

    Michael Jackson sells out the 02 to great acclaim and GG gets hounded into the grave - funny that .

    |   1
  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Arem, Herne Bay  |  March 13 2009, 1:14PM

    "my cousin has been trying to sell her house in Herne Bay and has had to reduce the price" Holy smokes, I didn't realise Gary Glitter caused the Global Credit Crunch too! Lock him up now! Funny article, brilliant quotes, god bless Herne Bay. BTW my girlfriend was in the Co-op last week and a women there said that a friend of hers was in a newsagents two weeks ago and Glitter was there. So it MUST be true!

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    john, salford  |  March 12 2009, 6:59PM

    this article is the funniest thing i have read in ages. first class! it is a wind up though right? i mean, either that or there are some people with incredibly low standards in journalism these days. That's to say, people with no professional integrity who would knowingly publish irresponsible and sensationalistic drivvle. Get a life and get some self respect. total drivvle. get a proper job!

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    kc, herne bay  |  March 09 2009, 8:21PM

    i will believe it when i see proof, until then some poor guy that has the disadvantage of looking like glitter could get hurt... if he is ildn beacon road then someone surely would have had a picture by now!!

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    beachbummed, South East  |  March 09 2009, 6:51PM

    I'm wondering if you have all mis-interpreted the tag in the bottom right of your comments?

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Deborah, Seasalter  |  March 09 2009, 6:35PM

    Sadly, I think Gary of herne bay might be right - my cousin has been trying to sell her house in Herne Bay and has had to reduce the price. This man has to be sought out before things become any worse.

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Munch, Herne Bay  |  March 09 2009, 5:05PM

    lets hope the Bun Penny finally gets round to fixing the lock on the mens toilets coz i'll never be back knowing he drinks there!

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    sue the poo, Minnis Bay  |  March 09 2009, 2:25PM

    A Pendant, Bucks- You are just plain jealous. Just because a father of two who spoke to a retired fireman who confirmed that Gary Glitter does indeed live round the corner from my Grandad who has 15 children and wears Scholls instead of crocs

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    A Pendant, Buckinghamshire  |  March 09 2009, 2:12PM

    It appears that the Herne Bay area needs to be more concerned with the effective teaching of spelling and grammar, and less panicked by urban myths. He's a busy man, this G. Glitter; he's been sighted in 43 different areas this month alone. Royalties from sales of his music have clearly enabled him to purchase a time machine.