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Operation Stack in place as French strike

By This is Kent  |  Posted: April 14, 2009


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STRIKING French fisherman have caused disruption to cross-Channel ferries and forced the implementation of Operation Stack.

The militant mariners are blockading ports at Boulogne and Calais, meaning ferry sailings from the Port of Dover have been severely affected.

A Dover Harbour Board spokesman said: "Due to industrial action at the Port of Calais services with P&O Ferries and SeaFrance are subject to disruption.

"The Port of Boulogne is also affected by this industrial action, therefore LD Lines diverted their 1pm sailing to Dieppe and subsequently cancelled tonight's 6pm sailing. All booked passengers are advised to contact their ferry operator for further details."

At this stage it is not known if Norfolkline crossings to Dunkerque will be affected by the dispute. DHB terminal control explained the company's vessel Maersk Delft if currently sailing to the French port to see if it is still accessible.

Delays, diversions and cancellations mean Kent Police has little choice but to introduce Stack to deal with the backlog of freight traffic which is likely to build up on this side of the Channel.

Phase two is currently being put into operation, closing the M20 coastbound between Junctions 8 for Leeds Castle and 9 for Ashford. Non-freight traffic is diverted onto the A20.

A spokesman for Kent Police said: "A freight ticketing system will operate in the Stack queue, with strict enforcement conditions, operated by both police and the Port of Dover.

"Any lorry driver arriving at Dover without the correct ticket will be turned away from the port and told to drive back to the rear of the M20 freight queue."

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  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Peter, Watford  |  April 17 2009, 3:40PM

    I 'ave been stuck in Douvres port for four days now. The facilities is very poor and I ave been left to find food my own. Non-body 'as told me anyting. But there finally seems to be activity now and I 'ope I'm soon leaving for home. By the looks of it the next vessel to be leaving will be the Cutty Sark.

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Helmut Sauerkraut, Frankfurt, Germany  |  April 17 2009, 12:38PM

    Here in Germany we have ein bischen way of dealing with these so called 'French' - we eat many sauerkraut and sausages and wear the tight leather trousers while slapping each other hmm schnell schnell? Or is that Austria? Ich bin ein Berliner

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    "That''ll show 'em", Mongham  |  April 16 2009, 12:00PM

    After this latest charade you'll not get me skipping, kissing or eating apples again, Nurse!

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Donnie Lonegan, Somewhere in England  |  April 16 2009, 10:53AM

    I can't believe it, 37 comments and no mention of Sacha Distel yet..oops!a

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Jean Paul Mont St Michel, St Omer, France  |  April 16 2009, 10:25AM

    I am, errr, ow do you say, fed up, with all this errr french bashing. I am eeer a simple french farmer, et I support le french fishermen. To show errr, solidarity, I am errr joining the protest, errr, by stopping work, and blockading the path of my english built combine arvester, I will do this by errr, laying down in front of it and ARRRghhhhhhhh *SPLAT*

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Jock, Paddock Wood  |  April 16 2009, 10:14AM

    Its not near Wales, although sometimes its near Whales, or really Whales are near Kent. And I dont mean Vanesssa Feltz sunbathing on a li-lo off Margate either.

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Matt Finish, Yorks  |  April 16 2009, 10:04AM

    Can anyone tell me where Kent is? Is it near Wales?

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Gerard, Calais  |  April 16 2009, 9:23AM

    You mocking English pigs make me sick. You don't know how hard we work: we've been striking for two days! This is the hardest we've worked since the Paris riots. I need some petanque and I need it quick!

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Little Peter, Afloat  |  April 16 2009, 8:24AM

    I have been stuck in France since June 12th, 1998 when together with my wife and several small children I moved to the country. What should I do next?

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Nigel., Littlehampton  |  April 16 2009, 8:08AM

    I don't like eating fish so I couldn't give a hoot, as for the gariic crunching, Beret wearing French do as Jock, Paddock Wood said and get the Royal Navy to blast them out the way. Thank you.