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Documents show Tonbridge UFO sighting

By This is Kent  |  Posted: February 09, 2009


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Defence officials examined a report of a UFO seen over Tonbridge last year, the latest documents released by the Government reveal.

The Ministry of Defence releases details of the sightings of suspected alien ships each year.

Amongst the reports from 2008 released last week was details of a sighting in the town at 12.55am on June 5.

"An object was flying around in circles at aeroplane level and sounded like an industrial train," the description of the sighting read. "There was a strange flashing on the object."

Just over three weeks later on June 28, a further sighting was reported, with the location specified only as Kent.

A statement accompanying the release of the details said the ministry examines the reports "solely" to establish whether the country's airspace has been compromised by "hostile or unauthorised military activity".

For more on this story, see this Friday's Tonbridge edition of the Kent and Sussex Courier.

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    David Pinnell, Tonbridge  |  November 16 2009, 10:20PM

    Further to rhe comment below, I have also seen an orange, red and amber object in the sky over Tonbridge. On the 7th November I was in the north end of the town with my family coming home from a Fireworks display. The object was like nothing I have seen before in the skies over Tonbridge and it certainly wasn't a plane or a firework. It was a slow moving circualr object that pulsated red, orange with shades of pink and amber. It was moving in a north easterly direction at about 10 000ft at a consistant speed and direction. I have lived in Tonbridge for years and am familiar with the aircraft and air traffic that fly over the town- this was something completely different. We watched it for about 5 minutes until it disappeared into the distance. It was certainly strange.

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    Darren, Tonbridge  |  October 22 2009, 5:11PM

    A couple of weeks ago me and my Girlfriend was driving back to mine, and we both saw three amber lights in the sky. I thought nothing of it, but did see that their colour was not like any plane I've seen in darkness. So Out of curiosity I told my girlfriend to stop the car. while staring at these three object's, on disappeared towards the horizon, which was strange enough, but the other two then became one, and slowly flow off in an easterly direction. I always had doubts about UFO's untill now. I'm not sure what I saw, but I know for sure it moved in a fashion like I've never seen any know craft move. What I do find quite amusing, is how people don't believe you even though you know what you saw. I'll forever be amazed at what I saw. I just hope others get to see the show I did!

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    foolhardy, sussex, uk  |  March 19 2009, 6:13PM

    You will never convince everyone regarding ufo's. If more people concentrated on whats around them instead of jungle juice they would notice whats happening around them.

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    allan urie, leeds  |  March 05 2009, 10:38AM

    i have never seen a ufo but i believe they have been seen . i dont believe aliens exist ,but what i do think no one reading it will accept i bet . there are invisable spirit forces in this world that can create these images even to apear competely solid .just as they do to recreate images of of dead people .what we call ghosts . all of this is to discieve mankind and try and discredit what is written down in the bible as fact. anyone who does not think this is rubbish should have a look at the books in the libary section about demons and spirits and get some info on just what these forces are capable of . Allan..

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Alex, Tonbridge  |  February 16 2009, 12:37PM

    I'm only 14 and I've seen 2 UFOs over Tonbridge, with my dad, in the last year - I saw 1 a few nights ago. The first one was a huge flash the size of the moon or bigger, shooting across the sky quite slowly. The one I saw the other night was like a star but was changing colour from pink to green to red, and was hovering about. Me and my dad stopped outside the shell petrol station and just sat looking at it, then we turned the corner and got out to look at it again, and it was gone! I was going to take a photo but i was so shocked that it totally went out of my mind, and when we got home my mum didn't believe us!

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    abby., dowgate close  |  February 10 2009, 1:54AM

    this is rubbish..thursday 5 th june nothing happened,there was increased air activity as holiday season kicked off from gatwick..also saturday 28th june extra flights took off. i was on duty ..

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    Dave, Shipbourne, nr Tonbridge  |  February 09 2009, 5:21PM

    Like agent mulder in the comments i went for a throat charmer at the bishops oak pub in Tonbridge and the landlady smiled and talked to me whilst being served. (most unusual). there is most definetly an alien presence in Tonbridge. strange happenings folks.

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    john, Tonbridge  |  February 09 2009, 5:05PM

    There is a lot of mystery going on in Tonbridge at the moment. i went for a chinese meal at the honeymoon restuarant a while ago, crap over-priced meal but Elvis Presley was singing in there, a bit thinner and his eyes were slit Asian looking. locals say he lost his job in woolworths before christmas and is just filling in. how strange, has any other Tonbridge residents seen strange things happening in our town. p.s. I did order a cab last friday and Tonbridge Taxis were on time..Very strange.....What's happening.

  • Profile image for This is Kent
    agent mulder, out there  |  February 09 2009, 4:46PM

    i can confirm this after having a few throat charmers at my local i witnessed bright lights and saw a saucer shaped object and heard someone playing that tune from close encounters and saw men with big heads,you people need to lay off the acid and quit the fairy tales what next fire breathing dragons get back to the warcraft you nerds