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Derren Brown - Fear and Faith .... And Very Familiar

By Lintilla1962  |  Posted: November 12, 2012

Karol and Ben on set

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Anyone watching the Derren Brown special, Fear and Faith on Friday might have recognised the location of the fictitious drugs company, Cicero.

The programme was shot during the August Bank Holiday weekend in the Pfizers building in the Sandwich Discovery Park. Among the actors playing biochemists and technicians in the episode were Dover mother and son Karol and Ben Steele, who can be seen briefly at the start of the episode. In Fear and Faith Brown was studying the placebo effect by giving a sugar pill, named Rumyodin (an anagram of Your Mind), to several groups of volunteers, and telling each it would help with a different problem - from phobias to the desire for cigarettes.

Karol said, "Derren was a lovely man to work with, very funny and friendly. He was happy to chat with the background artistes, many of whom were fans, and to sign autographs. He was particularly pleased to hear that Ben had taken time out from his rehearsals for Toad of Toad Hall to be involved in the programme, and signed Ben's copy of Tricks of the Mind 'To Ben, Good Luck with Mr Toad - that's how I will always remember you!'"

If you missed the Derren Brown episode it is currently online for the next 28 days at

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  • tim_baber  |  November 16 2012, 11:17PM

    Placebo: RUMYODIN can mean YOURMIND, but it has at least one other cheery magicians suggestion. The name of the drug might also suggest "Are you my Odin". Too obvious to ignore. I hate things that are kept away from people who might profit or survive better if they knew. I had to look up who Odin was, and there are a number of resonances that Derren might not mind me suggesting. Heh Heh, I wouldn't want to steal his thunder. oops that was probably Thor or someone, I went to a grammar school . Odin was apparently a God of Magic. ( Hmmm, that might be a secret, but it is there on the web) And Odin lost an eye as the price of understanding stuff, left at the bottom of a well apparently. There might be more but I cover an eye with my finger on mute or channel up when things Derren points out take me places. Because Derren's body of work will always be misdirected towards the secret efforts of Nations to covertly magic us into compliance or obedience if it is needed. Nations need to make our enemies do what WE want without having to kill them, you understand. Same goes for friendlies and loose canons. [Yes I somehow know this is against every Human Right, but I have yet to find anyone who also thinks this and that it matters) If you "google image" the project name for this , Monarch Programming with the words "one eye", "eye", "cover an eye", "celebrity", in any order, you will see what stuff that matters. Oh , and if you find it all unbelievable, just google Will Filer and the NSA for the latest stuff that few have permission to know anything about.

  • JessicaEBrown  |  November 13 2012, 12:06PM

    Here's my blog post on the programme - http://tinyurl.com/cnetgvg :)